Blanca Beltz

Client: Blanca Beltz
Service: Brand Identity
Lettering: Miguel Reyes
Art Direction: Gerard Marin
Creative Direction: Henry Suarez

Blanca Beltz: Redefining Consumer Experience with Storetellers - Crafting Unique Brand Imagery for Engaging Retail and Storytelling Design

Blanca Beltz is a Barcelona based creative studio specializing in consumer experience, retail store and storytelling design.

Together with Henry Suarez created the new term/concept: storetellers.  That, was the starting point to develop all the brand imaginary.

Assembly team t-shirt

TacTic Surf Barcelona by Bz

The monogram B+z

Nike Barcelona by Bz

Doctor Fleming 4 Bis
08800 Vilanova i la Geltrú
Barcelona - Catalonia
M. +34 650 53 87 81

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