Circo Interior Bruto 

Client: Cirque Jules Verne (Amiens)
Service: Branding, Graphic design 
Art Direction: Gerard Marin
Creative Direction: Imma Padilla

Circo Interior Bruto: Unleashing the Bold and Daring Spanish Contemporary Circus - A Marathon of Risk and Artistic Commitment

Press Dossier for Circo Interior Bruto. A Jules Verne Circus (Amiens) initiative to publicize the Spanish contemporary circus projects developed within and outside the national territory.

A marathon under the scenic direction of Rolando San Martín: "Risk defines the constant that indicates a attitude of commitment to art, both in life and in society. The artists of this marathon move the ris to a new way of doing and thinking".


Doctor Fleming 4 Bis
08800 Vilanova i la Geltrú
Barcelona - Catalonia
M. +34 650 53 87 81

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